The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Chaplaincy attributes its great success to the nearly 200 volunteers who donate their time, knowledge and gifts to offer a variety of programs and services. These include everything from AA meetings, and Bible Studies, to church services, counseling and much more.
All volunteers must submit to a background check and go through annual training in order to have approved access to the jail, juvenile center and/or community corrections.
If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please CLICK HERE to download the Volunteer Application Form.
All volunteers must go through Jail training once per year, and Jehoshua House Alpha Course volunteers must also go through the Alpha Course training.



January 7

March 25

August 5

October 21


Current volunteers must attend one of these Training Dates in 2019


Please watch the 2017 National Day of Prayer
In Noblesville organized by the
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Chaplaincy
and Our Many Volunteers:

Why Should One Become a Chaplaincy Volunteer?
Economics Through active citizen participation, inmates may be reintegrated into the Hamilton County Community to become law-abiding members of society. It costs much more to keep a person in jail than to place them on probation. If a court can safely order restitution, community service or electronic surveillance this comes at a cost saving to the community. Most of Hamilton County inmates are incarcerated for non-violent offenses.
Public Safety The return of the inmate to the community as a safe and law-abiding citizen can be fostered and promoted by individual citizens. Through the Chaplaincy’s volunteer programs and partnership with Jehoshua House rehabilitation is the focus. Feelings of bitterness may be reduced by offering a hand of friendship, understanding and acceptance.
Training and Experience Documented volunteer service can be used as partial fulfillment of training and experience requirements for state employment. Staff members may be requested to provide a letter to detail a volunteer’s service at their facility.
Personal Satisfaction and Growth A feeling of responsibility toward one’s community could lead concerned citizens to promote and assist in the rehabilitation of the inmate.
Personal Relationships A chance to expand interpersonal relationships – The volunteer has the opportunity to meet and work with the Hamilton County Jail staff and inmates. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn about jail operations; help to ease workloads of staff members and at the same time, offer a hand of friendship to the inmate.
Public Awareness A Volunteer can serve as a liaison between the correctional facility and the community by opening channels of communication, and creating positive interaction between them.

The Mission of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Chaplaincy is accomplished through the nearly 300 Volunteers who assist us with all of the services and programs we offer.  We thank all of our volunteers for their service and commitment to making this Chaplaincy the finest in the nation!